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Yaham Direct View LED Display

Yaham Direct View LED Outdoor Displays

Special Order Only

(Financing Available)

Yaham offers some of the smallest pixel pitches in the dvLED or Direct View LED industry. Not only are they super bright and IP65 rated, but with that small pixel pitch comes excellent resolution, even up close. They're available in multiple sizes that can be used together to create whatever size video wall or display you need.

These displays start with a pixel pitch of just 1.225mm, which means your viewers can be as close as 6 feet and the picture will still look good. For larger spaces, pixel pitches increase incrimentally up to 3.9mm with the FV-Series and up to 25mm with other Yaham models.

These are built for commercial use, but they're also able to be used in high end residential installations if desired.

Yaham dvLED Panels

Sleek and Versatile

Modules are just 1" thick and cabinets are only 3.2" thick, meaning you can install these on a wall or thinner space. They're also easy to put together!

Great for Large Installations

With many different styles and pixel pitches to choose from, Yaham has a product for your particular setup.

Yaham dvLED Display

Yaham dvLED Display

Just as Good for Small Signs

You don't need to have a large display to make a dvLED screen work for you. Options are available whether your viewers will be up close or further away.

Weatherproof & Super Bright

The cabinet is IP65 certified, allowing stable operation in any kind of weather. They also have a brightness rating starting at 3500 NITS and going up to 8500 NITS.

Yaham dvLED Display Billboard

Yaham dvLED Display Mounts

Mounting Options

Your display can be mounted to a wall, hung from a ceiling, placed on the floor, or attached to a pole or pedistal. If you can dream it, we can get it placed there.

Sizes can be customized to exactly the size you need, and they can be horizontal, square, or portrait. Submit your inquiry below and let us know the size or size range you're looking for.

Key Features:
• IP65 Rating
• 3500-8500 NIT Brightness
• Built To Be Used Outdoors
• Available in Sizes Starting Around 115" and Going up to Any Size You Need
• Operating Temperature: From -22° to +122° F
• Customizable - Create Nearly Any Size Display
• Can Operate up to 24/7
• 5 Year Warranty


Available Screen Sizes:  Start at around 115" and can go up to any size you want
Resolution:  Depends on size of display
Brightness:  3500-8500 NITS
Pixel Pitch:  Starts at 1.225 and goes up to 25mm
Sun Exposure:  Shade, Partial Sun or Full Sun
Refresh Rate: 
  • 1920Hz - 3840Hz
Contrast Ratio:  8000:1
Inputs:  HDMI
Operating Temperature:  From -22° to +122° F
Speakers:  Can Be Added
Stand/Mount:  Not Included (Wall and Floor Mounts Are Available)
Dimensions:  Varies By Size (Contact Us For Exact Dimensions)
Product Weight:  Varies By Size (Contact Us For Exact Weight)
Shipping Weight:  Varies By Size (Contact Us For Exact Weight)
Color:  Black
Warranty:  5 Year Warranty
Helpful Downloads:  Yaham dvLED FV-Series Spec Sheet

Important to Note:

Direct view LED outdoor displays typically start at around $20,000 for a 115" display. If this is above your budget, consider a 4 screen outdoor video wall. Contact us for more information.

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