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Outdoor TV Checklist

Learn what you need to get started...

So you've decided to spruce up your backyard with an outdoor TV. Congratulations! But what all will you need in order to have the setup you want? Below is an outline for what you might need for your outdoor entertainment project.

#1: Decide which TV works best for you.
Seems simple, but there are a lot of options when it comes to outdoor TVs, and you want to make sure you pick the one that best fits the space, environment, and type of use.

The key things to consider are:
• What's your budget?
• Will the TV be in the shade, partial sun or full sun?
• Does it need to have smart TV functionality built in? Can you use a Fire Stick or Roku instead?
• How big do you want it to be?
• Will it be used at home or at a business?

There are many more questions you might ask, but these are the first ones you should consider.

#2: What kind of mount do you want?
There are a few different mount styles for you to choose from. For wall mounts, there are fixed flat wall mounts that don't tilt, there are flat wall mounts that do allow for tilting, then there are articulating arm mounts that extend the TV away from the wall or post that it's mounted to. View all our wall mounting options here.

Other options include mounting your TV to the ceiling, to the floor with a floor stand, or you can decide to keep it mobile by using a wheeled TV cart. You can see the ceiling options we have here and the floor stands and carts we carry here.

#3: Do you need additional sound enhancement (aka speakers)?
Most outdoor TVs have built-in speakers, however if you have a large outdoor space or enjoy having the best sounding audio, then you'll want to consider adding a soundbar to your TV. View all of our soundbars here. If you'd like to create a more elaborate auditory experience, then check out our full line of outdoor speaker options here.

#4: Should you get a dust cover?
You don't need a cover for any outdoor TV, however covers are a great way to keep your TV clean. They also help extend the life of your TV by keeping it out of the sun. Consider one of these covers for your outdoor TV. (Note: All Season and MirageVision TVs include a complimentary dust cover.)

#5: Make sure you use an outdoor surge protector.
Making sure you use an outdoor rated surge protector is a small but important step when installing your outdoor TV. Having the TV outside makes it more susceptible to power surges from lightning or other sources. It's important to use a surge protector and not just a standard power strip for your outdoor TV. Most outdoor TV manufacturers actually require this to maintain a valid warranty. A GFI outlet is also something that should be used.

#6: Enjoy your new outdoor entertainment setup!
Once everything arrives, be ready to start spending a lot more time outside!