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Outdoor TV Myths

Some of the common misconceptions of outdoor TVs...

They're too bulky.
Outdoor TVs have come a long way, and they can be as thin as 2.5"! Sleek and beautiful can now be adjectives used to describe your new outdoor television.

They're too expensive.
We have a wide range of TVs, costing as little as $699. You'll also be getting peace of mind when you purchase a true outdoor television. Your TV's warranty will help protect you in the unlikely chance that something goes wrong. This is something you won't get when using a standard indoor TV outside.

They can't be rained on.
If it rains, if it pours, and even if the sprinklers lose control, you can have complete confidence that your outdoor TV is built to get wet.

It's too hard to see the screen.
No matter where it's placed, there's an outdoor TV that's made for exactly that location. There are super bright direct-sunlight readable displays, and there are TVs specifically designed to be used in a shaded area. As a whole, even the dimmest of outdoor TVs is brighter than an indoor TV. Many also have an anti-glare glass to help protect the screen, and improve visibility.

It gets too hot where I live.
Outdoor TVs can be used in temperatures up to 140° F. So no matter the heat, there's a TV that's right for you.

It gets too cold where I live.
Outdoor TVs can be used in temperatures as low as -40° F. So bring on the arctic blast!

They won't fit in my outdoor space.
We actually have sizes ranging from 17" to 212", so no matter how big or small your outdoor entertainment space may be, we have you covered!

The TV won't be loud enough.
Most TVs include built-in speakers, and if that's not enough, it's easy to add a sleek outdoor soundbar to any TV, or add mountable or landscape speakers to create a true surround sound experience! For many people however, the built-in TV speakers work just fine.

I don't need an outdoor TV.
If you love to entertain, if you love to watch sports, if you just love being outside but want to stay current on news, sports, movies and more - then you need an outdoor TV! Take your entertainment experience outside and enjoy watching all of your favorite content outdoors! We promise you and your guests will love it.

I should just buy an indoor TV and use it outside.

This is a very common thought, however consider this:

• If you take an indoor TV outside, it automatically voids the warranty.

• Outside temperature changes and potential humidity (especially at night) can damage the TV within the first month of it being outside.

• Indoor TVs are less bright than the dimmest outdoor TV, so unless you're watching the TV when it's dark out, it will probably not be nearly bright enough.

• To view our top 10 reasons to purchase an outdoor TV versus an indoor TV, click here!

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