Top 10 Reasons
To Purchase an Outdoor TV vs an Indoor TV

Reason 10
Using an indoor TV outside will void your warranty. SunBriteTV, All Season, Peerless-AV, MirageVision, Sealoc, Séura, Samsung and Toshinaer TVs are all built to live outside.

Reason 9
Outdoor TVs are built to withstand the corrosive air that comes along with living near saltwater. Indoor TVs aren't so lucky.

Reason 8
If your sprinkler goes out of control, your outdoor TV won't mind if it gets a bath.

Reason 7
You won't have to carefully follow the weather with an outdoor TV. Whether it's a sudden thunderstorm or a blizzard, you won't have to worry about your TV being out in the elements.

Reason 6
You can use and operate your outdoor TV in moist or wet conditions...without the fear of being shocked!

Reason 5
Our Outdoor TVs come with a waterproof remote!

Reason 4
High humidity does not get along with electronics, however outdoor TVs are the exception to this rule. Their exceptional ventilation keeps them running even in the most humid environments.

Reason 3
BUGS! Insects like small confined spaces, and indoor TVs have a lot of them. Outdoor TVs are sealed and protected from curious little creatures.

Reason 2
Indoor TVs are hard to view outside. Outdoor TVs have a brighter screen, thus making them MUCH easier to view in the bright outdoor light.

Reason 1
Outdoor TVs look cool! And your house guests or business' customers will definitely be impressed.

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